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Project Description

Ajax Controls and Extenders written in C# using Ajax 1.x and MS Visual Studio 2005.

Current controls/extenders include:

Ajax Drag and Drop Listbox Control and Extender - Functional
This comes as 2 parts, AjaxListBoxControl and DragDropListboxExtender because I haven't figured out how to combine both and extender and a control in the same. List box controls only send selection information back to the server. This control handles client information updates and are processed on postback so the correct options are available to .Net on the server side! The list box extender allows for client side drag and drop capabilities.
*Solution to AjaxToolkit work item:
  • This extender attaches to 2 Ajax Drag and Drop List box controls and allows for one way drag and drop functionality.
  • Options/Properties:
    • Action property (enumeration): Move or Copy list item from source listbox to target listbox
    • Unique property (boolean): True if destination can only contain unique values, false if destination can contain duplicates.

Disable Button on click Extender - Functional
*Solution to AjaxTookti work item
  • This extender attaches to a button and automatically disables it upon click. Very useful when you only want the user to click a particular button one time for submission.
  • Options/Properties:
    • Disabled text (string): Disabled text property allows for customized message to be displayed on button while the button is disabled.

Auto Focus Extender - Functional
*Solution to AjaxTookti work item
  • This extender will allow for a control to gain focus automatically on mouseover. .
  • Options/Properties:
    • RestoreOnMouseOut (boolean): True if extender should automatically restore last element that had focus. False if extender should maintain focus on mouseout event.

Multi Select Drop Down Combo Box - Work in progress Added 5/1/2008
  • This control will allow for a multi-select drop down combo box with button. This is work in progress.

Testing & Problems
IE7 now handles Listbox controls as "windowless" controls. See: for some additional information.
IE7 now renders the listbox control via MSHTML which is different from IE6 that used OS Common Control. IE7 has a different chain of events when a new element is dynamically created under the cursor.

Windows Vista / IE 7 - Disable Button works, Drag drop listbox has minor problem.
Windows Vista / IE 6 - Not tested-.
Windows Vista / Firefox 2 - Not tested-.
Windows 2003 Server/ IE 7 -Works
Windows 2003 Server/ IE 6 - Disable Button works, Drag drop listbox fails.
Windows 2003 Server/ Firefox 2 -Works
Win XP/IE 7- Works, but you must first select the element, then click and drag.
Win XP/IE 6 - Works, but you must first select the element, then click and drag.
Win XP/Firefox 2 - Works
Safari - Not tested
Opera - Not tested

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